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by | Sep 23, 2021 | Small Business, TikTok

Thousands of businesses are now using TikTok Business Accounts to reach and engage with new audiences. TikTok Business Accounts offer audience insights, performance metrics and creative tools to support businesses in building successful marketing strategies across the platform.

TikTok won’t be for everyone so consider your target audience, marketing objectives and brand values before getting started on the platform. However, TikTok claims to be more cost-effective than other channels so it’s always worth taking the time to explore it as an option for your business.

Choosing a new Social Media site to include in your businesses marketing strategy may feel overwhelming, especially one as fast-paced as TikTok. Although, the reality is, many businesses are already producing and sharing fantastic content and you should be too.

Not sure where to start? Thanks to TikTok themselves, it’s never been easier for businesses to get in on the action.

TikTok recently shared ‘The Ultimate How-To Guide’ for businesses looking to get creative and build brand awareness on the app. Here’s our take on their most helpful top tips for businesses.


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Be Unique

It can be so tempting on Social Media to follow trends and join in on the latest craze but the problem is, consumers don’t want to see that brands can simply copy what’s popular, they want to see them setting the trends.

TikTok said it best ‘authenticity is key’.

Of course, the platform is known for sharing trends in everything from the latest dance moves to cleaning hacks but to build a successful business on TikTok, your content must be authentic and align with your community and brand values.

TikTok allows everyone to become a trendsetter and express themselves genuinely. Brands will find success when they develop their own niche and actively listen to and respond to their audience.


You Don’t Need Big Budgets

Following on nicely from the above, TikTok explains how the content shared on their platform doesn’t require big budgets and crazy levels of production. Firstly, the app offers built-in features to help develop quality content and secondly, the creative should be real and reactive, fitting in nicely with the posts everyone else is sharing to the space.


Be Consistent

As with all other Social Media platforms, posting sporadically just isn’t going to cut it. To build and develop loyal followers and keep reaching new users, businesses need to ensure they’re posting fresh and engaging content.

TikTok suggests brands post 1-4 times PER DAY. Of course, this is a big commitment so consider how best you can achieve this level of productivity.


Manage Your Expectations

You will likely have experienced this with content on other platforms, but it’s important not to be disheartened when not every post does well. As a business, you need to find what works for you and your audience on TikTok and this may take some time.

If you simply repost content from other platforms it’s unlikely to work for TikTok. You must bet on uniqueness and creativity with your own flair. From here, ensuring a constant flow of fresh creative will likely lead to the results you’re looking to achieve.


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Keep An Open Mind

Any avid TikTok user will know, content evolves fast. There’s a balance between finding your vibe and niche while keeping up with what’s working elsewhere. It’s essential businesses stay aware as new trends develop and decide if it’s likely to work for them – or not.

TikTok recommends businesses watch at least 10 TikTok’s a day to know what’s happening and read the comments to see how fans respond. The platform is about connecting with other users and being a part of the community.


Stay Short & Sweet

As TikTok introduce new video lengths, from 15 seconds to 60 seconds and now 3 minutes, it’s tempting to cram more content into each post to try and achieve the best results. However, with the way the app flows and our shrinking attention spans, aim to keep your content short, sweet and focused.


Utilise What The Platform Has To Offer

TikTok really does make it as easy as possible for users will varying skill levels to produce fantastic content. For example, their Creative Centre is a free resource for businesses to discover top-performing ads and trends across different demographics and regions.

By monitoring success stories, businesses can get inspiration from others and know that their target audience is already responding positively to the content.

As TikTok say, it’s not about doing everything, but doing the right thing.


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