How to Create an Impressive Instagram Grid Layout

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Instagram is a social media platform that is helping businesses all over the world increase their engagement and subsequently, their sales. Creating an Instagram account for your business is a great first step to reaching potential customers, but the style and visual of Instagram grids mean much more than you might think. Instagram grid layouts allow a business to truly capture their target audience in a variety of creative ways. If you have created an Instagram for your business but have not yet thought about your Instagram grid layout or want to improve your current grid layout, we are here to help! There are simple yet incredibly effective ways to design your grid so that you have more chance of people following you and engaging with your content.


Why Does the Instagram Grid Layout Matter?

Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms to this date, and millions of businesses use it to help with marketing. This means there is a lot of competition when it comes to attracting your target audience to your profile. However, having Instagram users see your profile is just the first step to getting them on board with your brand; it takes a creative Instagram grid layout, an intriguing bio and engaging content to encourage people to follow you on Instagram.

Instagram was first created purely for the sharing of images, and over the years influencers and businesses have taken great care in the quality of photos and the layout they present via their Instagram. Instagram users are much more likely to look into your business if you have a grid layout that looks cool or stands out to them. If your Instagram consists of random photos with a range of colours, your grid can look messy and it may be harder to reach marketing goals. Your Instagram grid layout is the first chance for you to show potential customers what your business is about, as well as showcasing your creativity.


How Can Businesses Create Impressive Instagram Grid Layouts?

There are different types of Instagram grid layouts to choose from, and you can even do something unique if you are feeling creative! Creating an impressive layout is all about planning your Instagram posts in advance, so that you can coordinate your content. Here are the most popular ways to plan your grid.


Pick Two or Three Colours and Stick with Them

One of the ways to keep your Instagram theme consistent and your grid looking cool is to pick a combination of two or three colours and make sure all of your photos feature those colours. Some accounts choose a colour such as beige, and either upload only beige coloured photos or add a beige filter on posts to blend in with the grid. Alternatively, you could pick three colours to make it easier for you to create content for Instagram. For businesses, the best way to design your Instagram grid layout using colours is to stick with your specific brand colours. Which colours feature in your logo and website? Utilise those colours in the background of the content you upload or create filters that will help if you are struggling.


Instagram Grid

Keep Rows in the Same Style

Another way to optimise your Instagram grid layout is by designing one row at a time. One row consists of three posts, so a business might have three posts on one row in the same design and then make the next row a different design. These types of Instagram layouts are better for those that want to mix up their content. This style of Instagram grid will allow you flexibility with your content but still have some sort of organisation and consistency with it.

Some Instagram users design blocks of rows, so you don’t need to necessarily have each single row in a different style. You could have 9 posts in the same style, and then change up the next 9 posts with a different look. For example, many accounts take the seasons as inspiration, and will post in Summer colours during July and August, and then switch over to Autumn shades as the end of September approaches.


insta Rows

Use Columns for a Consistent Style

Columns can work just as well when it comes to the design of your Instagram grid layout. Many businesses design their grid layouts using a different style for each column, or the same style for the two outer columns and a different design for the central column. For example, you might keep the first and third column for photos and the centre column for text posts and quotes. Designing by columns is a creative way to engage people with your content.


insta grid columns

Create a Checkerboard Grid Layout

A checkerboard Instagram grid layout alternates each post, for example a photograph followed by a text post or infographic, and then repeated. These types of grid layouts make for less planning and look great to potential customers seeing your Instagram for the first time. You don’t just have to change up whether the post is an image or how-to text either, you could work with two different colours to achieve the same look. If a business made their colours red and orange, this layout would mean they’d have one red image, followed by orange, repeated.


instagram grid layout

Use Borders to Help Your Instagram Grid Layout Standout

White borders on each image make classic grid layouts and don’t need as much work as the other kinds of Instagram grid layouts. You can use apps and editing software to easily add a border to every post for your grid before you upload. Although white is the most popular for borders on individual posts, you could use any colour of border, as long as it remains consistent throughout your grid layout. A filter can also be added to your Instagram posts with a border to achieve an even cooler grid!


borders on insta grid

Join Each Post Together like a Puzzle

Aldi is one of the most well known businesses that uses a puzzle layout on their Instagram. A puzzle Instagram grid layout makes it look as if your whole grid is joined together, as photos are connected. This is a much trickier layout to pick up, but once you know how, it can be a great one to boost your marketing strategy. A puzzle Instagram grid layout looks incredible if done well. To create a puzzle Instagram grid, multiple posts will need to be designed at the same time and then cropped into rows and columns of three.


puzzle grid

How Do I Plan My Layout Effectively?

Creating an eye catching Instagram grid layout requires planning and organisation. Once you have figured out which content you would like to post on Instagram and chosen a layout you would like to achieve, you can begin producing your content. Depending on the style of Instagram grid layout you have chosen, you may need to create 3 or more images at one time, so it is a great idea to create these well in advance and then schedule them to post on a certain date.

One of the best ways to ensure your Instagram grid layout idea has turned out the way you wanted is to use a Preview app or scheduling software that allows you to preview what your posts will look like, before they have been uploaded. There are a number of free third party apps on the app store for smartphones so you can try using these. Simply take your creations and upload them to the preview app to see what your Instagram grid will look like to users, before you have committed to uploading on Instagram itself. Previewing your content and layout may help you identify a post that doesn’t fit in as well with the rest of the content, so you have a chance to redo the image and try that out instead.


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